One of the first questions people ask when they contact us about a website is: “why is there a $50 monthly fee?” or “what do you mean by ‘lifetime support’?”. Support is not something you typically see offered (or even mentioned) at most web design companies, but here at GruffyGoat, we’re a little a-typical anyway!

To put it simply, the $50 monthly fee on our website packages not only goes towards your recurring hosting & domain fees, but goes towards lifetime support for your website. So what is “lifetime support”? It’s 3 things:

  • Lifetime support goes towards maintaining your website
    The WordPress framework and all the plugins used to form your website are updated constantly by developers. Just like the apps on your smartphone that are frequently updated, you have “apps” (called plugins) that run behind the scenes to make your website function. These need to be updated and tested on a regular basis to ensure that your website visitors and customers are able to smoothly navigate your website.
  • Lifetime support goes towards securing your website
    Due to the popularity of WordPress, brute force attacks (hackers) on WordPress websites are increasing exponentially. As part of your monthly support package, we take many proactive steps to lock down your website to prevent your website from even becoming a target. In addition to this, we closely monitor all login attempts and are notified the instant an attempt is made to access your site. Because of these precautionary measures, no GruffyGoat customer has ever been hacked – and we aim to keep it that way.
  • Lifetime support allows you to contact us any time (day or night)
    Need content changed on a particular page? Send it to us, we’ll do it for you. Need to add more pictures to that new blog post or new product you’re selling? Send them to us, we’ll add them for you. Trying to format a page or post and just can’t get it to look right? Email us, we’ll help you fix it while teaching you how to do it yourself. Basically, if you need any help with any content or existing functionality on your site, we’re here to help. We’re also available to teach and train you how to update your website along the way. Some of our clients prefer to have us update their site. Others prefer to maintain a more hands-on approach. Whichever group you fit into, our lifetime support is here to help you.

Bottom line, your website should work for you, not the other way around. Whatever your reason is for needing a website – whether you’re a small business owner, a writer, a photographer or just someone who needs an online presence – our lifetime support plan allows you to focus on your passion and doing what you love to do.

Other website providers and web designers can build you a great website, but once your website is up and running, now what? We may be a little a-typical here at GruffyGoat, but we’re ok with that. Our passion is to build and maintain great websites for our clients. And we are here to partner with you for the life of your website, not just to make a quick buck.

That’s lifetime support explained. If you have any further questions about our lifetime support product, please contact us.


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