Cool Tools No.1: MailButler

Sydney Cooke
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Here are some of the best things about MailButler and why I love it.

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Email. Despite every system and app that we use, email is still probably one of – if not THE – most used tool we use on a daily basis. It is still the main way I communicate with our clients even if it is not the main way we communicate as a team. For the longest time I had people telling me about all different apps and extensions that I could be using to help me be a better emailer and I denied them, and denied them again. Didn’t want to mess with my flow. Until finally I didn’t have any other excuses. It isn’t that my email wasn’t working or wasn’t working well but there were several ways that my use of it could be improved.

In comes MailButler. And no, I’m not getting anything to write about them. I’m just excited about the features that are now at my fingertips. Here are some of the best things about MailButler and why I love it.

1. Undo Send

Just the other week, before I installed MailButler, I sent an email to a client that said, “I hoe you went somewhere fun!” You catch that? Hoe, instead of hoPe. And, once I hit send there was no calling it back. Now, of course, we should all be better proofreaders but c’mon, nobody is perfect. If only I had some tool that would give me a few extra seconds after hitting send to also hit “UNSEND!!” … wait. Now I do. Only about a week too late for that particular incident.

2. Templates

In our business, we send a lot of the same or variations of the same email over and over again. Specifically for me there is a kick-off note that goes out at the front of each project that has a few different lists. The list may vary from time to time but it is a LONG email to have to type multiple times. The templates in MailButler allow me to create and use email templates by the press of a button. SO much time saved! (Note: make sure you proof it so you change the appropriate details, like the receiver’s name.)

3. Pre-schedule

We all seem to be pre-scheduling our social posts so why not our email? Set your send to snooze until you want it to go out. This is great if you want an email to go out during working hours and not on a weekend or middle of the night when it might be written.

4. Tracking

Ever wonder if someone has opened or read your email? Mailbutler’s email tracker gives you read receipts and lets you know when, where, and how often your email has been opened or a link has been clicked. You can’t force people to actually respond and I’m not sure of the etiquette of referencing the fact that you know your email has been opened but it is still a nice tool.

There are so many other features available that I have yet to even touch. And, I know that there are other apps that do similar things. Find one that works for you. It is worth it.

(Disclaimer: We pay for a team account.)

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