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Explore Up Close specializes in designing and guiding custom travel experiences for private groups. Sign me up, you say? We are with you! They love to explore, as their name suggests, meet locals and really experience the local flavor of their destinations. They uncover the elements that make a place unique: traveling back roads, enjoying boutique lodging, along with private site visits.

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Exploring the world through custom design

It is not often that we truly want to read every word of copy provided for a website. EUC’s copy was so well-written it made us want to keep reading and make sure the visual experience was as pleasing as their story! We can only imagine how an actual trip would be with this team as their website content already takes us on a trip! We wanted to take their custom-designed “hand-crafted” experiences and bring them to life online.

Along with great copy, we had great photography. Inspired by old-school scrapbooking and maps, there is fun layering of elements just like you’d layer polaroids with stickers on a real scrapbook. Did you notice the polaroid picture frame inspiration? We love seeing what can happen when you start with great content and assets.

Explore with us.
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