Hilary Winfield

Hilary Winfield is an Asheville-based artist that produces beautiful colorscapes. We collaborated on her branding and created a high-end platform to sell her work.

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Art That Speaks For Itself

Hilary came to us tired of her branding and needing a higher-functioning website. As an artist, she had clear aesthetic vision but needed a team to take it up a notch. Collaborating with another creative with INCREDIBLE photography allowed us to truly highlight her work and her personality. You could say we speak the same language.

Her work speaks for itself; it is amazing. The website needed to streamline the purchasing process and simplify the user journey allowing more fans to purchase and own their own Hilary Winfield original or print. Not only was the user experience streamlined but so was Hilary’s back office needs. Having a few checkout options segments the user and keeps order types organized.

Our design approach was to simply highlight her art. Hilary’s use of color and abstraction is the focal point of this project. It was important the website design did not distract from the ultimate subject of the site, her art!

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