Path Medical

Path Medical is a group of medical professionals and lawyers who help their patients find appropriate care after an accident. They care for the overall health journey of the people they partner with.

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Understand the Audience

The goal for this site is multi-faceted. At the start of our projects, we strive to understand who our clients want to help, what that audience needs, and what success looks like. After hearing Path Medical’s and path forward, our team started the more visually focused creative process. The website needs to communicate professionalism without losing the helpful, friendly spirit of the brand. Ultimately, Path Medical’s audience is looking for a local, trusted partner to lead them through a difficult, painful time post-accident.

Establishing a color palette, iconography style, and photography set gave us the start we needed to achieve a calming, but professional aesthetic. We didn’t use the typical lawyer imagery because the user doesn’t need a lawyer to relate to, they need medical care and “a path for wellness.” Because Path Medical is serving the state of Florida, we integrated an outline of the state in an effort to build local recognition and rapport.

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