Our passion is in the process.

We’re process nerds and proud of it. A good process sets everyone up for success — and our tried-and-true approach ensures that we deliver results both on time and on budget.

We like to say that building a website is a lot like building a house, complete with blueprints, a foundation, design, and construction. Thankfully we’re a lot better at building websites than we are at building houses, but you get it.

Our team also understands that not all projects benefit from the same process — so we switch things up slightly based on your needs

Here’s a peek at our overall process.

Meet & Greet

It’s time to lay the blueprint for your website. This is the most important step in our process because it’s all about listening and learning. During our session, we’ll talk through details to get a strong sense of your project needs including:

  • Budget & timeline
  • Best platform to achieve your website goals (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)
  • Creative direction & design preferences
  • Detailed scoping of technical elements & integrations
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Plan & Prep

We kick things off by laying a solid foundation based on great communication. You tell us your goals, dreams, and vision. You’ll meet your Project Manager and we’ll ask questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are some of your inspiration sites?
  • Where are you with your content and how can we help pull it together?
  • What’s your favorite ice cream? Just kidding.

You may not have all the answers — and that’s ok, too. This step is all about learning and setting up a strong foundation for what’s to come.

Between here and the next step, we’ll be busy pulling inspiration, exploring stylistic elements, and diving into any existing content you might have.

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Design & Refine

It’s time to bring things to life. We’ll use the insight you gave us in the previous steps to design a site that’s just right — and we’ll be in communication every step of the way. You’ll chat with our design team and your project manager to nail down stylistic elements, site functionality, and more. You’ll also get a semi-realistic “live” look at your site in this phase and have two rounds of revisions for each presentation we share. We’ll stay close on things like:

  • Choosing a theme or going custom (we can help you pick)
  • Content & functionality planning
  • Bring your branding and vision to life
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Target Icon Develop & Test

It’s time to build! Whether we’re developing your own designs or starting from scratch, this phase is where your site really takes shape. We’ll stay close with decision-makers on your team and follow through on feedback. Here’s where you say nay, yay, or hooray regarding the direction of your homepage (it sets the tone for the rest of your site) as well as your internal pages. This phase is all about:

  • Development & customization
  • Functionality and user experience
  • Collaborative reviews
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Launch & Deliver

Let’s launch! Before your site officially meets the world wide web, we put it through the wringer. We’ll take a deep, detailed dive, testing, and auditing to ensure it performs like a pro and puts its best face forward. Here’s what to expect in this phase:

  • Analytics setup
  • Responsive testing
  • Review & approval
  • Step-by-step training
  • High fives all around

We’ll set your team up for success by making sure they know how to use important tools — and if you opt to self-host, we’ll package your files up and hand them off! Hosting with us means that you can email our support team with any questions, additions, or changes after we go live. They are available, literally, 24/7 no matter where you are.

The Perfect Process for You

Now you get the gist of our overall process, but we know there’s not a one size fits all approach. Our favorite part is collaboration — and depending on your work style and needs, we’ll either follow your lead or take the wheel.