What Are You Paying For With GruffyGoat?

by GruffyGoat Team written on
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We get it, you’re investing hard-earned money towards a website. Especially for our smaller clients, this is a big deal. We say we’re affordable, but that means a lot of different things to a lot of people. You can always find someone cheaper, but does that make it worth it? Let’s lay it all on the table and talk about what makes GruffyGoat worth it.

What is GruffyGoat’s value? 

Well harsh question, you should check your tone. We do ask ourselves this regularly so we can stay on top of our services and better our team. Here are the main things we’ve come to:


With the rise of do-it-yourself websites, it is important to understand the difference between building a website yourself with a simple drag-and-drop builder versus hiring a development partner. It’s easy to go to a small design studio that can make you at cookie cutter website that looks great in their portfolio, but maybe doesn’t work for your business. GruffyGoat isn’t cookie cutter. We ask questions about your goals, your growth, your workflow because we believe if you are investing money to your website, it should help you in return. Websites don’t just look pretty, they can be business solutions, so at GruffyGoat we have the whole package. Our team understands your goals to make your site presentable and functional. GruffyGoat does it all.

Did we mention we do ALL THINGS WEBSITE? That means GruffyGoat takes care of your hosting, plugin updates, CMS updates, any content changes you want, functionality additions, custom marketing integrations, workflow implementations, basically anything you want, we can take care of it for you. We are your website partner, so we don’t just make it look nice and then dip.


We’ve all been there. The meetings that could have been emails. The emails that were questions instead of answers. The answers that were too confusing to be solutions. We can all agree, projects without process are a problem. At GruffyGoat, we love processes. Frankly, it’s sometimes disturbing. Process is everything and we strategically built our process to be efficient, structured, and focused. We make thorough plans to execute a project before we start it. We aren’t going to tell you an answer until we have one. The goal is no surprises. If we’re surprised, we’ll figure it out and communicate options, but the goal is to run a tight ship. Why? Because your time is valuable. Your energy is important. GruffyGoat respects that you have other things to do beyond sit through meetings about a website that you hired us to build.


In a world full of knowledge, it’s easy to be knowledgeable. It’s easy to know vernacular or sound right. It’s hard to put action to ideas. Our team is knowledgeable, smart, and we talk good, but we also can get it done. We are constantly learning and growing our practices to keep up with the ever-growing web space. There’s a lot out there and we want to help you cut through the noise and find the solution you need. Expert is a strong title, so we try to earn it on every project we work on. GruffyGoat knows trust is not given, it’s earned. We have a lot of people who trust us on their websites, and that’s something we pride ourselves in.

Why does this matter?

Yeah, why does this matter again? Oh yeah, you are thinking about investing money in your website to make it better. We want you to know where your investment is going. GruffyGoat is an All-in-One website partner, a Process king, and an Expert you can trust. If you still have questions about why GruffyGoat, remember A.P.E. 🦍 and that should guide you to our next project together!