Sales & Creative for the Long Haul

by GruffyGoat Team written on
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A website is more than just “another marketing tool”. A website is your 24/7 sales member. It’s your source of truth for those who are doing their research about you and your industry. In a world with over 65% of the population (in other measurements, over 5 billion people) being plugged in online, your website can be the ultimate platform to reach an almost limitless audience.

So how do you start creating your website?

Hopefully, it’s not through obnoxious sales tactics, but your site should be created with and by a team that wants to get on board with your mission. There’s so much value in uncovering your site’s needs at the forefront of your project. Determining who your audience is, what message you want to get across, the tools you want your users to have access to, and the ongoing support that you will need are all reasons to make sure you are starting your website-build journey the right way. Understanding things like this at the beginning will then help set the tone for the design and development of your site. Uncovering your site’s goals and mission at the beginning will save you an enormous amount of time and money once the development process is in motion.

While a sales team should help with uncovering your needs, they should also work with a dedicated design team to help get creative. You should partner with the group that wants to take your ideas, bring additional ones to the table, and then formulate plans to bring them to life best.

During the design phase, the questions asked and the tools used should all display the effort that will be put into your new site. Having the right tools in place, such as Figma, shows that the team focused on your site’s design is serious. Having the right questions asked by a design team can also give insight into the care and quality that is about to touch every aspect of your project. When a designer is diving into why you decided on a rebrand, uncovering if your goal for the new site design should be business-oriented or simply aesthetic, and looking into how the designs and development will work hand-in-hand, you can almost guarantee a solid end product.

At the end of the day, a web partner is there (or at least should be) to create a relationship with you; one that fosters loyalty to and from both parties. The sales team is there to truly understand the problem and provide potential solutions while giving you a glimpse into the web-build experience. The design team is there to take those offered solutions and present what can be done visually. The development team then takes these plans and with your trust, constructs the final product. Once it’s all said and done, you then have a support team to keep your site in a safe hosting environment, to keep your site up to par with proper maintenance, and to help make the ongoing adjustments your site needs!